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'Run Away With Me' - Scarlette








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I've just finished mastering this song ready for my next album & I CANNOT WAIT for you to hear it but more on that later.

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Here are the lyrics, it’s great to sing along to when you’re having a bad day & need to escape for a few minutes.

Run Away With Me

With a ring on her finger, the fairytale ends
The lights come up and our lives begin
Now reality is screaming it's right in our face
When all I wanna do is look at you and say


Runaway with me my darling, come take my hand
Runaway with me, let's leave this burning world behind
If we can lose ourselves together, we might just find
When all is said & done,
I choose you and I...


What happened to simple? Being on the same page
Going through magazines & picking baby names
It's the sound of breaking, all the noise in our way
When all I wanna do is look at you and say




Over everything
I choose you and I, we're all that matters
How about tonight, we jump in the car and see how far we get